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Our Products

North Sea Resins (NSR) Rapid Repair Kits and Refill Packs are time-saving tools that can be used for temporary pipe, tank, recreational, and general maintenance repair applications. Based on Department of Defense-sponsored research on underwater adhesives, these one-part resins require no mixing and can cure at temperature extremes beyond 28°F and 104°F without impacting its strength characteristics or cure time.

As fast-onset adhesives, the resins cure as quickly as 30 seconds. With pressure relieved in the compromised pipe or equipment, there is no need to drain the entire system because effective bonding can be achieved in damp, wet, or even underwater environments.

Pinholes and cracks smaller than 1/8″ can withstand 800psi of pressure after being repaired by applying the resin directly to the surface. Holes and cracks larger than 1/4″ benefit from using the fiberglass reinforcement mesh that is included with the Kits and Refill Packs.

Since the resin cures on command once activated by the NSR BLUE Light, set-up times associated with epoxies are no longer a frustration.

NSR products are intended for use as temporary repairs and help minimize machine and maintenance downtime. The proprietary technology of North Shore Resins’ product line can get you back in service or back in action faster, easier, and more reliably than other alternatives.

NSR products are available as all-inclusive Field Service Tech Kits, Rapid Repair Kits, and Refill Packs.

Complete Field Kit

The Field Kit includes NSR150, NSR250, the LED Light, and all necessary accessories.

NSR250 Rapid Repair Kit

NSR250 is optimized for Metals, Steel, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, and more.

NSR250 Refill Pack

Includes NSR Syringe, NSR250 Resin, Surface Preparation Pad, Applicator Tab, and Mesh Strip.

NSR150 Rapid Repair Kit

NSR150 is optimized for FRP, PVC, ABS, Fiberglass, Wood, Gelcoat, Concrete, and more.

NSR150 Refill Pack

Includes NSR Syringe, NSR150 Resin, Surface Preparation Pad, Applicator Tab, and Mesh Strip.

Drinking Water System Components Approved

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. has approved North Sea Resins (NSR) NSR150 and NSR250 products per ANSI/NSF Standard 61, Drinking Water Systems Components- Health Effects.

As part of NSR’s Rapid Repair Kits, NSR150 and NSR250 are the only Cure-On-Command resins that are NSF Standard 61 approved. Pipes, tanks and equipment that must be maintained/repaired in compliance with drinking water standards can be repaired either when wet or dry by taking advantage of 30 second cure times that are uniquely a part of the North Sea Resins Rapid Repair Kit.  

NSR150 resin has been optimized for repairing holes and cracks that occur in PVC, CPVC, ABS, polyethylene and other non-metal materials. NSR250 resin has been optimized for repairing holes and cracks that occur in copper, brass, steel, cast iron, black pipe, aluminum and other metal substrates.


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