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North Sea Resins Q&A

Here you can find answers to the common questions we receive. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to send us a message or give us a call at (888) 252-6932.

NSR resins utilize a similar chemistry/technology. The dental industry has been using light activated materials for years as a way to set crowns in people’s mouth (a wet environment where rapid, cure-on-command function is important). North Sea Resins products are not intended for dental or health related uses. North Sea Resins products are for industrial uses and are not approved for medical/dental applications. See Question #13 regarding NSR as an approved product for Drinking Water lines.
No, this is Blue light in the visible spectrum. There is no need for protective eyewear or any concern about adverse skin effects typically associated with UV light sources.
Twist the cap on and off. Do not cut the tip.
The Luer-lock tip allows for multiple uses of the resin.
If the syringe is left out in bright sunlight, or in room light for an extended period of time with the cap off, the tip may become closed. Scrape the cured resin off the tip, and the resin is fine to use. Use a drill to clean out the tip if the resin cures to a depth you cannot scrape off.
Applicator Tabs are not an essential step, although on flat surfaces, they make the repair cleaner and stronger. For joints, elbows and irregular surfaces, the tab may not be effective. If the tab does not lie flat along the surface it may not be a benefit to use. Cutting smaller, thinner tabs can increase their effectiveness on joints, threads, and seams.
Without the Tab, the cured resin will have a slightly tacky/greasy residue. The resin is cured and will withstand pressure. It is recommended that you wipe the surface with a cloth so the surface feels dry. Use of applicator tabs eliminates the tacky/greasy layer on the surface.
Yes. The Blue Light provides the proper wavelength of light with enough intensity to cure the resin in 30 seconds. Direct sunlight will also cure the resin.
No, the resin is designed to cure with a specific light wavelength and intensity. NSR LED flashlights have been carefully selected, tested, and approved to cure the resin appropriately.
NSR250 resin bonds well to metals, including stainless, galvanized, and aluminum. NSR150 is formulated for use on non-metals.
Currently the kit is a tool for temporary repairs that allow large disruptive jobs to be scheduled. Having said this, temporary is a very relative term. For drain lines or vent lines, the repairs will last years. For repairs that are under high pressure or carrying oils, gases, refrigerants, these are more temporary (on the order of days, weeks, or months depending on the situation).
Cured resin can resist temperature extremes from –40°F to 300°F.
NSR150 and NSR250 resins have been previously approved by UL as being NSF Standard 61compliant for use on drinking water systems. NSR no longer maintains this formal certification with UL, please consult your local regulations concerning the requirement for NSF Standard 61 compliance requirements.
A repair of a 1/16th inch hole in aluminum can be pressurized up to 800psi without failure. Successful repairs have been done to aluminum coils.
Yes, it can work on hot water lines.
Repairs to steam lines are temporary. The life expectancy of the repair will vary depending on the temperature and pressure. It is not recommended for use on high-pressure steam lines (200+°F and 100psi).
Ideally the pressure should be turned off. Pressurized leaks that are reduced to a slow weep can still be repaired. It will work on a wet, dry or underwater surface.
A 5ml syringe of NSR150 or NSR150 resin will repair approximately 20 pin-holes. A pin-hole is typically 1/16 inch. A 5ml syringe of resin will cover approximately a 12 inch2 area when applied in conjunction with fiberglass mesh. 5ml of resin provides enough material to apply 12 inches of resin at a depth of 1/8 inch and with a width of 1/8inch (similar to applying a bead of resin around the complete circumference of four 1-1/2” PVC joint)
The shelf life is specified as 24 months. Room temperature storage is recommended. Avoid extended storage at greater than 110°F.
The resin is light activated and is not temperature dependant for cure time. The resin will cure @ 28°F as fast as it does at 70°F, as fast as it does at 104°F.
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